With Cambox, relieve your best emotions

Film your sport achievements and adventures with ease and safety thanks to our Cambox helmet camera.

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BMX helmet Cam
Horserider helmet camera

Compatible with 99% of helmets, caps and hats, the Cambox adapts to all situations

To discreetly film your greatest achievement, whether you’re go-karting, motorcycling, cycling, doing aerobatics, playing golf !

Formula 1 helmet camera cambox

Capture your best experiences in the finest detail

Discover immersive video and create breathtaking POVs with our helmet camera! Ideally positioned, its lens allows you to capture your best sporting sensations.

Discreet, light and secure

A helmet camera like you’ve never seen before!

This is an ultra-thin, ultra-light, and ultra-discreet camera to capture your best emotions. Perfectly integrated into your helmet, our camera offers optimal safety.

It preserves the helmet’s protective function and eliminates any risk of snagging, making it superior to other solutions on the market.

A coach right above your eyes

Our Cambox helmet is ideal for both amateur and professional athletes.

By analysing your videos , you can better correct your actions to improve your performance.

Review immediately by viewing your recording on your smartphone via our dedicated iOS and Android apps.

"The Cambox is ideal for coaching. It accurately captures the driver’s POV allowing the videos to be used for visualization training. Coaches can use it to link the driver’s view with their steering and trajectory work!"

Stephane Lechine, president and founder of myracingcoach.com

More than 30,000 enthusiasts around the world

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Many amateurs and professionals regularly share their sporting achievements with us.

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A Cambox for every level

Cambox V4 Pro
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during 4 months*
Cambox V4 pro
Cambox V3+
449€ or
during 4 months*
Cambox V3+

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