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We are the leading manufacturer of helmet cameras designed to safely capture your everyday journeys and relive your most memorable emotions.

Film discreetly, safely, simply and immersive yourself with our helmet camera

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Make your daily commutes more peaceful

With Cambox, record your urban journeys for added peace of mind while capturing potential dangers from other road users.

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Capture your best sports and leisure experiences

Relive your greatest emotions and sensations by putting yourself in the place of the driver, rider, athlete and more.

Our helmet cameras

Cambox V4 Pro
529€ or
during 4 months
Cambox V4 pro
Cambox V3+
449€ or
during 4 months
Cambox V3+

Our refurbished range

The quality of a new camera at the price of a refurbished one

Make an environment friendly choice by opting for our refurbished models.

Refurbsihed cambox

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Made in France

made in france

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Laser engraving and cutting

3D printing

3D printing in France.

French tech/ French fab

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