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One Cambox for each situation

Cambox V3+

Full of finesse.


2K 30 FPS, Full HD 1080HD 60FPS
720 HD 60FPS

2 Cores processor

Sony Lens
10 Million pixels

Wide Angle

Software only

1 stereo microphone

Cambox V3+ App
Wifi only

Up to 70 min
according to use*

Cambox V4 Pro

A concentrate of technology.

4K Ultra HD

4K 30FPS, FULL HD 1080HD 30/60 FPS,
720HD 30/60FPS

Cambox One chip
4 Cores - 2GB Ram

HD Sony Lens
12 Million pixels

Wide Angle

Hardware & Software

Advanced audio

2 HF microphone, Stereo with noise and wind reduction.

Cambox App & Pro Mode
Wifi only

Up to 70 min
according to use*

* Battery autonomy based on average observation recording in Full HD 1080p at 60 FPS for V3+ and 30 FPS for V4 Pro in a dry place.

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The Cambox® is compatible with 99% of the helmets. We are consistently developing new accessories to make all of the other helmets compatibles as soon as possible.

Our helmet camera is compatible with the vast majority of the helmets including helmets with a tinted or a sun visor. If your helmet has this type of visor, you can fully enjoy the Cambox features by using one of the 5 setting presets that we have developed (available via our smartphone app).

Connect within a couple minutes your Cambox to your smartphone to customize its settings in real time thanks to the preview mode. Our app called "Cambox App"  is available on Apple iOS and Android devices for free.

In order to extend the battery autonomy of your camera, you can connect an external power bank or power source to it using a USB C cable.

The camera fastening system is very simple. Each Cambox comes with a Velcro strip already placed on it by our team along with an additional Velcro strip included in each box. This second strip is the part that needs to go under your visor. There is no risk of damaging your helmet, hat or cap with this system. Also, its ultra grip feature ensure a stable fixation of the camera to enjoy your activities safely.

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