Cambox® Warranty

Cambox cameras have a 2 years warranty from the date of purchase of the product upon presentation of a purchase invoice. The warranty is applicable for this period in case of defects in material and/or workmanship when the product is used in accordance with Cambox user manuals.

The Cambox warranty covers the restoration costs of a defective product in order for the product to comply with its original specifications through a repair, workmanship, and the potential replacement of any defective parts.

At the discretion of Cambox, a replacement product can be offered in place of the defective product  unless this option is objectively impossible or represents a disproportionate cost.

Terms and exclusions :

The warranty is applicable  only on presentation of a valid proof of purchase (invoice).

The warranty and the services of Cambox come into effect as soon as the complete payment is received, we are not required to fulfill a warranty or provide any service as long as the complete payment is not received. 

This warranty is voided in case of :

- a product which does not show any performance default or defect after appropriated tests are run by Cambox technical department

- damages caused by a non compliant use of the product or non compliance with the user instructions

- damages caused by the use of a non compliant power supply, as described in the user instructions

- damages caused by an unauthorized alteration of the product, its disassembly or the opening of the camera

- the internal battery can degrade over time (with or without use) and is covered by a one year warranty

-  damages caused by any operation carried out during bad weather conditions or following an accident

- damages resulting of normal wear and tear

- damages resulting of the introduction of foreign objects or substances (water…)

- damages resulting of packaging or shipping issues during the transit of the product from its owner to our facilities

- the material from another brand than Cambox, even if sold or packed with Cambox material (products that don’t have the Cambox brand can be covered by a specific warranty from the manufacturer) 

- the product purchased in a store or other point of sale than Cambox and for which the customer would not have sent to Cambox the warranty form filled along with its proof of purchase. In this case the warranty starts based on the date of the reseller invoice date.


Warranty claim process :

For any warranty claim, please contact our customer support from Monday to Thursday between 08h/12h30 and from 13h30/17h and on Friday between 08h/12h30 and from 13h30/16h :

 - via our online live chat at

 - via email at

 - by phone at +33 (0)2 40 71 90 05

Our technicians may need to ask you some questions in order to help us make a first diagnosis on the potential issues, or to follow some procedures before applying for your Cambox warranty.

At Cambox’s sole discretion, a product replacement can be offered in place of the original product repair unless this option is objectively not possible or consist of an disproportionate cost.

The replacement part provided by Cambox during the repair under warranty may not be new, but will be in perfect operating conditions and at least similar to the original part in terms of functionality. The replacement part is under warranty until the end of the initial product warranty.

Any part replaced following a paid quote have a 6 months warranty.