The French on-board helmet camera: a captivating story

The story of Cambox begins in 2013

Our story begins in 2013, with the creation of the first Cambox prototype, designed to capture emotions on horseback. Confident in the potential of our product, we quickly launched a commercial model which met with great success. The Cambox, with its unique shape and its positioning under the visor of a helmet, allows total and secure immersion.

In 2017 we expanded our range to include motorsport and extreme sports with the Cambox V3, integrating advanced features such as a mobile app and Full HD recording.

Export has become a major pillar of our activity, representing 75% of our turnover, with strong growth in the United States, which constitutes a third of our sales.

To support this market, we founded an American subsidiary in 2019, first in Miami, then in Denver.

In 2020, we launched the Cambox V4 Pro, made in France and capable of filming in 4K with ultra-stabilization. The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed our growth, but it has also encouraged collaboration with the security forces, in particular the Nantes Police.

In 2022, we developed a range dedicated to security forces, distributed in France by AMG Pro.

Despite the pandemic and component shortages, we launched the Cambox V3+ in 2023, restarted production of the V4 Pro and accelerated our international expansion with a subsidiary in the United Kingdom and a presence in Australia in 2024.

These new structures allow us to form local partnerships and strengthen our position as leader in headset cameras for everyday urban travel.

Our mission

At Cambox, we design unique helmet cameras for your sports activities, leisure activities and urban travel.

Whether it is to immortalize your most precious moments in complete safety or to make your daily journeys more peaceful, we are at your side.

Unique French know-how

Operator who assembles an on-board camera.

The design and manufacturing process of our helmet cameras is meticulous and organized work. It all starts with our R&D department, which creates the unique design of each model, protected by several patents.

Then, the electronic cards are custom-made by French suppliers. Production of the shell, cradles, rockers, frames, caps and other components is done by industrial 3D printing in Clisson (France), where Cambox is based.

Follows laser cutting for facade design and product customization, and finally assembly and shipping to our customers around the world.

Our model

Our production model allows a so-called “glocal” approach, based on high-tech know-how “made in France” combined with a production strategy for parts and assemblies located within our subsidiaries and as close as possible to our customers.

This model is based on mini-factories, small flexible production centers, close to our markets, as opposed to “giga-factories”. Industrial 3D printing supports this agility by making it possible to produce quickly and simply according to local demand. These technologies, this know-how and this model are particularly suited to a context where personalization and precision are at the heart of our users expectations.

3D printer in production.

Our engagements

Our expertise allows us to offer you exceptional and very high quality products, unique on the camera market. Choosing a Cambox means opting for innovation and security.

Our continuous improvement approach and our production tool allow us to meet your expectations and constantly improve our products and services. Customer satisfaction is also at the center of our concerns: our expert advisors will be keen to provide you with advice and solutions and to support you at all stages of your Cambox experience.

Finally, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a greener economy through our supply chains, our “glocal” approach and our offer of reconditioned cameras.

The Cambox Team

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