Make your daily commutes more serene with your helmet camera

For two wheels travel enthusiasts (scooter, bicycle, motorcycle), record your ride journeys with ease and enhanced safety thanks to your Cambox®

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motorcycle helmet camera

For enhanced safety, record all your journeys

Our innovative helmet camera attaches discreetly under your visor, aligning perfectly within your field of vision to record your journeys in high definition on a scooter, bicycle or motorcycle ride.

Integrated into your helmet, our camera poses no risk to the user and is protected from impacts.

A unique positioning that follows your gaze

Centred above your eyes and aligned with your line of sight, our camera effortlessly captures all elements of your environment.

No obstacles (such as arms, handlebars, or your motorcycle's dashboard) will obstruct the view compared to other types of cameras.

Its adjustable lens allows you to vertically set the angle of view.

Capture for stronger proof

The Cambox helmet camera records your urban journeys, providing valuable evidence in case of misconducts, accidents, or hit-and-runs.

It is highly valued by insurers and promotes safer as well as more responsible driving.

Thanks to our innovative solution, feel more secure on two wheels!

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Practical, lightweight, and discreet

Our helmet camera is a true road companion.

Lightweight and easy to install with its Velcro fasteners attachments, this camera is compatible with all helmets and blends seamlessly into your gear.

Featuring a unique design and intuitive operation, it can be controlled with a single button or through our dedicated iOS or Android app.

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Proof through imagery

Discover real-life scenarios from your daily commutes: cycling, motorcycling, scootering, e-scooting, bike commuting...

The guardian angel of your urban mobility

Cambox V4 Pro
529€ or
during 4 months*
Cambox V4 pro
Cambox V3+
449€ or
during 4 months*
Cambox V3 Plus
proof in case of an accident
Easy and quick installation
Recommended by insurance companies

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