Why is the Cambox weight (40gr) this important ?

The Cambox weight is an important data as its lightness gives it an unrivaled safety level. Thus it is possible to fix it on every kind of visor and helmet. The Cambox will not alter the helmet balance. 

Is the Cambox safe ?

The Cambox is safe for several reasons: 

First of all, to fasten the Cambox there a no bolt, screw or drill on the helmet shell, which allows to maintain the protective role of the helmet. 

The Cambox perfectly follows the helmet shape, it doesn't extend beyond the helmet dimensions, avoiding all risks of snagging or shocks with external elements. 

The Cambox respects your quest for performance and offers no aerodynamic resistance. 

The Cambox is perfectly integrated to the visor, eliminating all risks of loosing the camera.

Which colors are available for the Cambox Origin ?

The Cambox Origin offers 18 colors : 

Neutral : Black / Cold grey / Hot grey / Ivory white / Brown / Khaki green / Beige

Flashy :  Royal Blue / Blue Sky / Yellow / Flashy Green / Android Green / Pink / Red / Orange 

Pastel : Purple / Pastel pink / Pastel blue


How to switch on the Cambox Origin ?

The Cambox Origin is intuitive and user friendly. To switch it on, press the on/off button for 3 seconds.

The record starts automatically when switching on the Cambox. 

Does the Cambox Origin have a connection to the application ?

No, the Cambox Origin does not integrate a Wifi antenna. 

How to charge my Cambox Origin ? What is its charging time ?

You can either directly plug the device with the supplied micro usb cable into a wall outlet or to a computer.

1h30 is required for a Cambox Origin to be fully charged. 

How to update the date & time of my Cambox Origin ?

To settle the date & time of your Cambox Origin, you can download this  setup.

If you are on a Windows computer:
Setup Windows

If you are on a Mac:
Setup Mac

By decompressing the "zip" file, you will find an executable file that you can place at the root of your Cambox Origin SD card.

Activate it by double clicking on it. 

A window will appear to choose wether or not to display the date & time on your videos.

Once done, you will see a file time.txt on your SD card, it contains the new information for the camera.

By plugging back the SD card in your Cambox and by turning it on, the new settings will be taken into account.


Does the Cambox have a built-in storage ?

No. A micro SD card is required to store images & videos. 

Which SD cards are recommended to use with the Cambox Origin ?

The Cambox Origin can be used with a  SD 16 Go Maximum. 

16 Go : SanDisk Extreme, Lexar 633x

Is the Cambox Origin waterproof ?

The Cambox Origin is ShowerProof / SplashProof, which means that it is resistant to water splashes, heavy rain moisture but it cannot be immersed in water. 

Thanks to its positioning, the Cambox is also weatherproof.

What is the autonomy of the Cambox Origin ?

The Cambox Origin has an autonomy of 90 minutes.


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