Frequently asked questions

What is an action camera ?

An action cam is a camera that allows you to record all of your exploits. The Cambox let you capture your movies while keeping your hands free.

How is the Cambox different from the other cams ?

The Cambox is different thanks to its 5 unprecedented and exclusive advantages: 

Its Safety :

With its positioning and its fastening system, the Cambox doesn't require any drilling or bolting. Thus, the protective role of your helmet is maintained. 

Its Ergonomics :

It has never been this easy to switch on your Cambox. Only one button and 3 seconds are required...  
A Velcro fastening system allows you to fasten it under all types of visors (helmets, caps, hats...)  

Its Positionning :

Positioned as close as possible to the eyes, the Cambox enables to faithfully record what you see. 
Thanks to its lightness your can place it on every kind of support.

Mostly  under your visor without unbalancing your helmet or cap.

Its Dicretion :

Protected from shocks and out of sight, the action cam becomes almost invisible. 
You'll be as surprised as the people you will meet. So discreet and invisible that no one will see it.  

Its Design :

The Cambox is customizable and offers more than 20 colors to be perfectly adapted to your gear.

Is the Cambox compatible with my helmet ?

The Cambox is compatible with 99% of the helmets available on the market. 

The easiest way is to try it, but we should warn you: try it and you'll love it. 

Should the product doesn't meet your expectations, you have a 14-day return period.

How is the Cambox fastened ?

The Cambox is fastened thanks to a self-adhesive Velcro strap. All you have to do is to equip your helmet with a self-adhesive Velcro strap and then attach the Cambox to it. 

This fastening system allows you to preserve the protective role of the helmet (no drilling nor bolting). 

The fastening with a Velcro strap ensures a quick and easy installation.

What is the warranty when buying a Cambox ?

The Cambox is a Made in France product and benefits from a 2 year-warranty on parts and labor. 

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